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You driving on the highway and a rock landed on your windshield and create this annoying  chip or worse a long crack that causes a distraction in your line of view. Don't you just hate it? What you do after it happens is really important.

Driving with a chipped or cracked windshield is not only a nuisance but can be dangerous. Chipped or Cracked windshield  happen as a result of many different things which is beyond our control, but you may want to think twice before ignoring it and driving around with one. 

A windshield chip can caused by airborne rocks, debris or Hale storms. Leaving the chip unrepaired it can weakened the windshield and compromise your safety.

Windshield Repair Importance

* It cost less than replacement.

* It keeps the original factory installation which can possible prevent water leaks.

* Windshield repair can avoid environmental waste since a windshield can't be recycled.

* Windshield replacement takes more time and your vehicle will be unavailable for longer and takes 24 - 48 hrs to fully cure.

* Windshield repair is safer and takes only 15 - 30 minutes.

* Windshield repair will restore the optical clarity to your windshield between 80 - 98% depending on the size of the damage.

* A repair will prevent the chip from spreading further.

About poor windshield repair jobs?

A poor windshield repair job can cause the original chip to remain without improvement and cause future windshield damage. It is very important to use a trained professional.

How windshield chip repair is done the right way?

1. The technician will inspect the damage for moisture and remove if possible

2. The technician will completely remove the dark air from the damage area by vacuum.

3. The technician will fill the break and replace the dark area with clear resin.

4. The technician will cure the repair under pressure for a complete repair.

5. The technician will fill the pit with resin and cure.

6. The technician will scrape the excess pit filler off the pit and apply pit polish to seal the repair area.


Windshield chip repair comes with a lifetime warranty.

Long Crack Repair? Even though our long crack repair will prevent further cracking we do not offer any guarantee. Fix it at your own risk.


Do not wash windshield prior to repair ( Temperature change or a car wash could increase the damage which can delay a repair )

To properly repair a long crack crack it must not be more than a 10 days old and exposed to rain, windshield washer fluids and car washes. If the windshield was exposed to any of the above a replacement must be done since the contamination will cause the repair to fail.


Keep the vehicle in a garage since temperature change could increase the damage.


Keep the car cool ( not cold ) If park in the sun open the window slightly to prevent temperature build up which could cause the chip or crack to spread.


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