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Professional headlight restoration service! Our headlight restoration will out last the competition.


Headlights looking hazy, foggy, yellow, scratched & oxidized?

Today's headlight lens is made from acrylic, because of durability and weight. Over time the acrylic starts to break down and deteriorate from the sun uv rays and cleaning solvents. Most headlight restoration kit or service on the market today only provides short term solutions and required repeated maintenance, even when a lite clear coat is applied, this includes the buffing and polishing method as well as wipe and brush on type application. Our headlight restoration is very different because our method is a one time application with most permanent (uv) blocker that will withstand harsh (uv) rays from the sun for a minimum of 3 years. Before you throw away your headlights let us restore them for you to like new again and save you money. We can also restore tail lights, fog lights and turn signals.

5 reasons to restore your vehicles headlights!

- Remove cloudy lens surface                                            

- Brighter lights/safer night driving

- New appearance

- Cost less than replacing headlights

- Last for years

- Its greener for the evironment by preventing plastic waste in our landfills

How long will my headlight last after restoration?

It depends on how well you take care of your car and the type of weather conditions. Our factory (UV) coat was designed to withstand 3 years of harsh Florida sunlight but will last up to 5 years in a place like New York.


Our warranty? 2 years 24k which ever comes first unbeatable warranty against oxidation and yellowing. 

Headlight Restoration

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