High Quality OEM Headlight Restoration Service

that last for years

We can restore your headlights, tail lights, fog lights and turn signal lights.


Our fix it and forget it service will save you money guaranteed!

Did you know that headlights can be restored to like new condition? And the results last for years?

Today's headlight lens made from acrylic, because of durability and weight. Overtime the acrylic starts to break down and deteriorate from the sun uv rays and cleaning solvents.

Why is our headlight restoraton process better than the cheap ones you see on tv?

Headlights are made from polycarbonate which are protected with an OEM coating. In about 3 to 5 years this uv hard coat will start to deteriorate, oxidized and discolored, especially in harsher weather conditions like long exposure to sunlight. If the repair is done by polishing or using non OEM coating, the lens will begin to micro crack and the headlight polycarbonate will start to discolor and oxidized in a short period of time. You don't want oxidized polycarbonate headlights, Choose our high quality headlight repair solution service that will last for years.

Our high quality headlight restoration service will restore your headlights using our 4 steps process.

Step 1 Clear the old coating

Step 2 Sanitize the lens

Step 3 Apply OEM coating

Step 4 UV cure the coating

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